Magister gleichwertig mit master thesis

Working after graduation Reference letter example for student applied for Computer Science programme 2 Here you can find a reference recommendation letter, written for a student applying for Master's programme in Information Computer Technology ICT at a Dutch university.

Magister gleichwertig mit master thesis

Before you begin with your online-registration, please go through the following preparatory steps: Adapt and Format the Electronic Version of Your Document Please transform the final version of your document into an electronic text.

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Graphics, tables, diagrams, and photos must be easily discernible. Please make sure that these files containing graphics use only little disk space i.

Nevertheless, fonts, formulas and quotations in foreign languages need to be clearly legible. Those parts of your document that might prove critical in terms of their publication in electronic networks cannot be included in the PDF-version of your document.

This includes naming third parties, e. Personal data concerning you e.

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If you do not want to give your consent to the publication of these data on the internet, please create your PDF-version without including this information. If you agree to the publication of these data on the internet, please create your PDF-version including this information.

In the course of handing in your document you will be asked to sign a statement of consent concerning this matter. Apply for Access Code For security reasons you will need to provide explicit identification in order to register your document online.

The Dissertation Reception Desk will issue an access code that you can order by email or phone: Please consult this overview and your department's dissertation regulations Promotionsordnung for details. Prepare Abstracts and Keywords for the Registration Form The registration form contains fields for including abstracts and keywords in German and English.

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This information will make it easier to find your document in a research process. Please select the information for these fields carefully - the University Library will not edit these fields. Some departments explicitly require abstracts in their dissertation regulations Promotionsordnung.

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Now you will be asked to enter your access code. Go Through the Checklist If your document is an exam thesis dissertation, Habilitation, Diplom thesis, Magister thesis, master thesisyou will now go through a checklist.Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

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magister gleichwertig mit master thesis

Germany. In Germany, the traditional equivalent of the postgraduate Master of Arts was the Magister Artium, which was a first degree, which required 5 years of studies, did exist in former West Germany and in reunited Germany until , but not in former East Germany where all degree courses led to Diplom degrees.

Traditional Magister degrees where granted in social sciences and. Master Architecture Master architecture The Master’s Degree in Architecture is the second degree on the path to vocational qualification as a professional architect and paves the way for you to. Type of Paper All Bachelor Thesis Diploma Thesis Magister Thesis Master Thesis Project Work Term Paper.


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Language All German English. Subject. Simulation eines Blasenspeichers mit instationärer Wärmeübertragung [] Contact: Herr Filipp Kratschun. Bachelor Thesis Master Thesis. The eugenics of Lebensraum assumed the right of the German Aryan master race (Herrenvolk) to remove indigenous people they considered to be of inferior racial stock (Untermenschen) in the name of their own living space.

schloss er mit dem Magister Artium in Vergleichender Literaturwissenschaft sein Studium ab. English He received a Master of Arts in Literature from the University of Copenhagen in

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