An analysis of giving a given an opportunity for the reader to use his imagination and his emotions

Rights to fair housing Rights to education Any one of these aspects could provide the focus of a ten-page paper, and you do yourself an important service by choosing one, perhaps two, of the aspects; to choose more would obligate you to too broad a discussion and you would frustrate yourself: Either the paper would have to be longer than ten pages or, assuming you kept to the page limit, the paper would be superficial in its treatment.

An analysis of giving a given an opportunity for the reader to use his imagination and his emotions

Pack your bags for a classic journey Was Thornton a virgin? Thanks, Loribear, for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and start some discussions here.

An analysis of giving a given an opportunity for the reader to use his imagination and his emotions

I hope everyone reading feels free to add their observations and opinions. Emotions can run high when contesting for the romantic image that John Thornton has impressed upon our hearts and minds.

The Fall of the House of Usher Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for The Fall of the House of Usher is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Paul begins his description of the fruit of the Spirit, i.e., the byproduct of his ministry in the heart of the believer, in Gal in terms of emotions: love, joy, peace. 7. “To walk” (peripatevw, peripateo„) is a most general term for . I’m thrilled to be a contributor to this blog. Thanks, Loribear, for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts and start some discussions here.

But here let me make my premise clear: Everyone is entitled to believe in her own version of John Thornton, but in this blog discussion we are looking to discover the character as written by Elizabeth Gaskell. He was the sole provider for his mother and Fanny, and earned 15 shillings a week.

His mother taught him to put 3 shillings aside every week. Thornton was then taken on as a kind of partner by one of these creditors.

Gaskell gives no details as to when and how he became the master of Marborough Mills, but I believe we are to assume he continued to apply the same diligent effort and determination to whatever work he was given in order to rise to such a position.

This basic picture of his history suggests that his life has so far has been primarily consumed by work and the responsibility of providing for his family as well as re-establishing for them a position of dignity and stature.

His respect and gratitude for her guiding hand are summed up in these words: I had such a mother as few are blest with. This made the beginning; this taught me self-denial…I thank her silently on each occasion for the early training she gave me.

And he goes on to explain the philosophy he has developed from this hard experience: Now when I feel that in my own case it is no good luck, nor merit, nor talent, — but simply the habits of life which taught me to despise indulgences not thoroughly earned, — indeed, never to think twice about them, — I believe that this suffering, which Miss Hale says is impressed on the countenances of the people of Milton, is but the natural punishment of dishonestly-enjoyed pleasure, at some former period of their lives.

I do not look on self-indulgent, sensual people as worthy of my hatred; I simply look upon them with contempt for their poorness of character. He appears to take great pride in being a man of uncommon self-discipline. Whatever pleasures he gains from life, he does not consider to be self-indulgent or sensual.

No, I think John was on the straight and narrow during his teen years.

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But is he human, you ask? He learned to accept and thrive on a pattern of austerity and dedicated purpose. There is little in the book to suggest that Thornton changed his habits. As far as we know, taking lessons with Mr.

Hale is the first time he has taken the time to pursue a personal pleasure. What does all this have to do with whether or not John Thornton was a virgin before he met Margaret? I believe that Gaskell is making it rather clear that Mr. Thornton was a man of high principles who was consumed by his work, leaving little thought for ought else.

I would love to hear what induces you to believe otherwise. Of course prostitution was rampant in the Victorian era. The strict moral codes of conduct for the middle and upper classes of society regarding marriage and courting left little option for men to acquire their experience.

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Could Thornton have had a romantic relationship with a girl or woman at some time in his past wherein he lost his virginity? In fact, Thornton himself declares that he has never been in love before: I have never loved any woman before: I take Gaskell at her word here.

I think the author sets the story beautifully by showing us how much of an impact Margaret makes on John from the very beginning.

From the moment he sees Margaret, he is arrested by her beauty and her dignity. Gaskell goes to great lengths to describe how this brief encounter is essentially life-altering for Thornton. He has never had this reaction to a woman before.Essay on the Setting of Everyday Use - In the short story, "Everyday Use", author Alice Walker uses everyday objects, which are described in the story with some detail, and the reactions of the main characters to these objects, to contrast the simple and practical with the stylish and faddish.

Losing the War. Man is a bubble, and all the world is a stormJeremy Taylor, Holy Dying () My father owned a gorgeous porcelain tiger about half the size of a house cat. Use the vivid language that your sources give you. In this case, quote Napoleon in your paper to make your subject come alive with memorable detail: On April 3, , a passionate, lovesick Napoleon responded to a letter from Josephine; she had written longingly to her husband, who, on a military campaign, acutely felt her absence.

In these pages, I am giving you one of the most valuable gifts you will ever ability to learn to look at the marvelous adventure of life on this earth with greater comprehension.

Purpose for the Present Dispensation By Arlen Chitwood of Lamp Broadcast. A principle of divine government set forth in the type of Saul and David shows the necessity of an incumbent ruler, although rejected, continuing to reign until replaced by his successor.

When you tell, you’re stealing to the reader the opportunity for him to discover, by himself, the world you’ve created, to add something personal to the scene — for him to get involved. You won’t allow him to use his imagination, his experiences and, even, his personality, to take his conclusions.

You’re imposing yours.

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